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Web Design

Content, layout, and navigation are crucial elements of a website's design. Even more important are your answers to the following questions:

  • Why do I need a website?
  • Who is my target market? Who am I trying to reach? - Businesses, consumers, a specific industry, distributors, etc.?
  • Is there any information about my business or industry that I would like to relay to my customers?
  • How do I increase traffic to my website?
  • How can I improve my existing website?

If you don't know the answers to any of these questions, our web design team can help you. We work with our clients to develop a strategy that best suits their business and customer's needs.

Step 1: Web Questionnaire

In our experience we've come across two types of clients. There are clients that know exactly what they want and others that need assistance. Before consultation, we urge our clients to fill out our web questionnaire. The questionnaire provides information that prepares you for the strategic planning of your website. It also helps us understand your needs, style, likes, and dislikes.

Step 2: Web Quote

After we've taken off our hats and gotten to know each other, you may ask, how much is this really going to cost? Because we do custom web design our prices are quoted on a per client basis. If you are satisfied with the quoted price, we sign you up and proceed to the next step. We recognize that every company's or organization's budget is different however your critical needs might surpass your budget expectations. TUI, Inc. offers four web financing plans that allows our clients more flexibility with their budget.

Step 3: Requirements Document

The requirements document is an outline of the entire infrastructure of your website. This may include:

  • Site specifications and objectives
  • Design specs
  • Navigation and flow charts
  • Administration (if applicable)
  • Site development and payment schedule

Once all parties agree upon the structure of this document, a deposit is due and our web team starts to develop your site.

Step 4: Website Development

At this time we ask our clients to establish a project team who will work closely with our web team. Your project team would be responsible for delivering any content, images, logos, data, scanning of text or images, etc. to our developers. Our team will contact your project manager for any questions, concerns, and to report on your project's status.

In addition, our graphic artist works with your corporate styles and standards to develop five layouts for your project team to critique and review. Once your team chooses a layout we allow two revisions based on your team's input before producing the final design templates. The lead programmer on our team monitors the accuracy of your project's program flow to your design specifications.

Step 5: Testing

For every client TUI constructs a client account site or test site where you may review your project's status online. This client site will also contain your requirements document and any other valuable contact information. When development is completed the site is tested by our developers to ensure that the site functionality meets your design specifications.

Step 6: Go Live!

Alas its the moment of truth. Your website is ready to go live. All development files are transferred to a host server. A host server allows everyone in the world to have access to browse your website. If needed, TUI can setup your own domain and host your website for you.

Step 7: Additional Services

After your website is completed, you might need additional services. Here are a few we offer:

  • Web Maintenance - keep your website updated and current.
  • Web Marketing - advice on how to promote your website and register with the major search engines.
  • Flash Design Projects - give your users an interactive web experience.
  • E-Commerce Solutions - secure server, online shopping, and credit card transactions.
  • Message Boards - add discussion forums on various topics to enhance your user's experience.



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